Bill's Family Barbecue

Beef Ribs, Pork Ribs, Tri Tip, Brisket,
Pulled Pork, Sausages

1905 Old Middlefield Way - A, Mountain View, CA 94043



(650) 963-4111
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Mon-Fri: 11am-7pm
Sat: 11am-5pm

Traditional Barbecue in Mountain View, California

Smoked Barbecue, Brisket, Ribs, Tri Tip, Pulled Pork, Sausages

In the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area we offer the style of barbecues that you find in the South and on road trips.

Try the real smoked style barbecues that have made ribs and brisket famous, steps from your office or home.

We invite you to takeout your BBQ so you meet us and try our barbecue style. We would love to offer you the result of one of our biggest passions.

Family Barbecue

We wanted to offer and share our love for barbecue which we have enjoyed for decades in our family.

My passion for barbecues have made me explore many BBQ joints and BBQ Pits around the country while learning and imitating them at home with my family.

As passions often go, I learned a lot, mastered some crucial steps and decided to offer it to the public in the middle of the Silicon Valley, so you don't have to explore the country when wanting a real BBQ.

Order for Takeout

You can order your barbecue Online, just follow the link ORDER BBQ ONLINE.

We decided the option of Takeout, or Pickup because we want to give our BBQ and dishes to you personally, and we want you to meet us, and take a break.

Barbecues are meant to be a break, a social experience, a culinary experience that is better while not running.

If you're really busy we don't blame you, grab a Rib or Brisket sandwich and bring it to your office!

Traditional BBQ

Barbecuers and Pit Masters have earned our respect, we have tasted incredible barbecues and we follow their example.

Ribs are classics. A Tri Tip prepared to perfection is incredible.

Briskets are a league of their own, they require experience, passion, and we have them. Pulled Pork with its flavor, aroma and texture is always a favorite across all ages.

From preparing the meats to the fire and smoking, BBQ is part art, part passion and much more!

Our Story

As a young single parent of two boys, working full time, and taking classes, I learned so many things to help me go ahead and become successful in my Auto Mechanic Shop and two Tow companies that I run today. From learning the differences of cars to taking required classes to become a successful business owner, going to school it really taught me not to give up and to keep pushing myself to work hard for something that I really wanted.

While working, I've never forgotten other passions such as Harley motorcycles and doing barbecues. Over decades I've discovered and enjoyed special places with the best barbecues. I've learned from these places, talked with the barbecuers and pit masters, some of them are just incredible, they are artists. Trying to imitate them at home I've developed my own style, and people like it.

Reaching a point in life where I want to do more of the things that I'm passionate about I decided to create "Bill's Family Barbecue" to do barbecues, offer them to people and to have a chance to talk with them too.

I invite you to take a break and try our different meats, sandwiches and dishes in Mountain view, California.